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Origazoom What is an Origazoom ?

A construction game !
The Origazoom

is a colorful paper figurine, born from a A4 sheet, from the street art works of the author L.Fixaris. The Ori becomes a 3D construction after folding and inflation, without glue, scissors or waste!

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L'auteur L.Fixaris

Author, L.Fixaris The line is a langage !

Hi,I’m Lionel !
Street artist,

Graduated in sociocultural animation, I teach my graffiti techniques and present to you my invention : the Origazoom and its box, the Ori-Pocket. Discover our workshops !

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Roxane Renaud Visuel impact Animation

RR Visuel ImpactProject manager

Hi !I’m Roxane
Co-author since 2023,

Artist and creator of cultural events, I co-write the history of Origazoom with L.Fixaris.

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